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Block E3 - ATP Science

Block E3 by ATP Science is your best friend when it comes to estrogen dominance. With a trifecta of tested ingredients - Chrysin, Bladderwrack and Black Pepper Essential Oil - Block E3 works to tighten and smooth out your skin as well as improve muscle definition through targeting specific fat deposits. In men and women testosterone is often converted to estrogen through the aromatase enzyme producing an excess of this hormone. Estrogen dominance can cause many unwanted side effects including stubborn fat or water retention, lack of muscle definition and a decrease in testosterone levels (a hormone key to building and maintaining lean muscle mass). Block E3 works to block aromatase enzyme activity, helping you get the lean and smooth body you’ve dreamed of!

Block E3 Benefits:

  • Increases muscle mass
  • Improves muscle definition
  • Reduces stubborn fat deposits, chest for men and thighs, hips and buttocks for men and women
  • Smooths, tightens and firms skin
  • Decreases estrogen production to acoid estrogen dominance

Benefits for Men:

Testosterone is the main male sex hormone, with estrogen produced in much lower quantities. It is very important to the male body because it is responsible for building muscle, mobilising fat as well as maintaining a healthy reproductive system. An excess of estrogen in the body can undermine the effects of testosterone and increase fat deposits such as on the chest, creating man boobs. It also increases the amount of fat deposited in between muscle fibres, decreasing muscle tone.

Benefits for Women:

Although estrogen is the main female sex hormone, too much of it is a bad thing. An increase above normal levels of estrogen can increase stubborn fat deposits in the body such as on the hips, buttocks and waist. It also increases the amount of fat deposited between muscle fibres, decreasing muscle tone.


Block E3 Ingredients:

Oroxylum indicum - is a natural source of flavones, chrysin and baicalein as well as being an antiinflammatory and antioxidant. Chrysin has aromatase inhibitory activity and baicalein blocks estrogen receptors.

Bladderwrack (Fucus vesiculosus) works much in the same way as midnight horror, it decreases the activity of estrogen by blocking the receptors and inhibiting aromatase activity. As well as being a good source of iodine.


Black pepper essential oil (piper nigrum) is included to maximise absorption through the skin. Midnight horror and bladderwrack cannot be absorbed orally, but are effective when transdermally applied. This application is enhaced when added to black pepper essential oil which improves absorption.