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Silverback Underground Extreme Pre-Workout

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After the massive success of the original 'Ape Sh*t' and Silverback pre-workout, Gorilla Warfare has released the brand new Silverback Extreme !

With 400mg of natural caffeine, Silverback Extreme packs a punch but ensures a smooth energy release and no crash! With high doses of proven, functional ingredients you'll get actually physical benefits to your training with increased focus, energy and performance!



  • More Power, more reps, more pump, more recovery, more muscle

  • Take a half serving (1 level scoop) with 250ml water 30 minutes pre-workout

  • Advanced users may take up to a full serving (2 level scoops) pre-workout

  • Never take more than a full serving in 24 hours

  • Never take with any other form of caffein or stimulants in the same day

  • Not for use under 18 years of age

  • May cause Tingling/Itching and this is a normal effect from Beta Alanine